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Pastor Lillian

Hi, my name is Lillian Daniel. I moved here for my “calling” as Senior Pastor at First Congregational Church. I’d been in a suburb of Chicago, an artificial bubble where you didn’t see a wide range of people. I was tired of sitting in my car in traffic. I wanted to be in a church in a vibrant city but also somewhere with natural beauty all around me. I heard about Dubuque and thought it was perfect. 

I live right downtown. I’ve done more cultural stuff in Dubuque in a year than in ten years in Chicago because it’s so easy. I’m a writer and Iowa is kind of a writer’s paradise. 

The Mississippi River was this amazing surprise to me. You look to the left and see all the business and industry but when you look to the right, and it’s as if no being was ever there.  I’m a preacher and a crusader. I want the world to be a better place.