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Hello, my name is Kate Kitchens. I found myself in Dubuque because I got a job here at the University of Dubuque as a librarian. Before that, I was living in Shreveport, Louisiana with my wife at the time and had kind of series of traumatic experiences down there and separated from my wife and moved back to my home town of Stoughton, Wisconsin which is kind of in the Madison area. When I was back there I was trying to rebuild my life, and I was applying for jobs and I ended up getting a job here in Dubuque. It’s been kind of a haven for me because everybody’s been so friendly. I really do like the small town feel, and I like just being able to walk into a coffee shop and I almost always know at least one of the baristas or one of the people sitting there working.

I think most people would think I’m some what reserved because I’m pretty introverted. But I think people would also say that I’m friendly. At the gym, I always get made fun of for smiling all the time—even during really grueling workouts. I like working out, so I go to  Crossfit Dubuque. That’s a huge passion of mine because I like to push myself. I grew up playing sports so I have that competitive drive.