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Hi, my name is Joe Berger. I went to Loras College with the hopes of getting into medical school and it worked well for me. I trained down in the southeast and never desired to shovel snow again. During that time, I had family members have some health challenges in Rockford and Sioux City and Dubuque seemed like a good place to return to. At that time Dubuque was looking for a new OB/GYN and the recruiter I talked to asked if I would ever consider going to the city of Dubuque. I said, ‘I love Dubuque!’ I had no qualms about returning and have never regretted the decision. I’ve been back for 18 years now.

I would say that whatever I embrace, I embrace fully. if we are going to do something, let’s do it right and let’s do our best and that’s how I would describe myself.