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Hi, my name is Jasmine Sronkoski. I found myself in Dubuque about four years ago. I was in the process of going through different college visits. My mom found Loras through one of our neighbors and sprung the visit up behind my back. I had no idea we were coming to Dubuque, Iowa, and i’m from the Chicago-land suburbs so it was about a three-hour drive. I threw a fit the entire car ride up to Dubuque and almost didn’t get out of the car when we finally arrived on campus. I eventually got out of the car and I had my visit and took a tour of the campus and about half way through I fell in love. Once I was walking through campus I had this overwhelming sense of home and could picture myself here for the next four years. I haven’t looked back since that interesting car ride up here and I just graduated a few weeks ago from Loras.

I’m really excited to get to know the Dubuque Community outside of Loras’ campus because I felt like I stayed there and didn’t experience the community a whole lot so I’m really looking forward to being able to do that.