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Hi, my name is Beth Gilbreath. We moved to Dubuque when I was in sixth grade, we moved from Fargo, North Dakota and got a job at Central as a school teacher. I moved away from Dubuque for 10 years, all three of my children were born in California. When they were little we moved back to Dubuque. I think the same things that move you away from Dubuque bring you back to Dubuque. It’s a close-knit community, there’s this perception that there is not a lot to do but, in reality, there is a lot to do.

I’m a mom and a recent grammy. I was the director of the Dubuque Montessori School for 24 years, so I got to know a lot of people and kids. Kids that became parents and sent their kids to Montessori. I am passionate about helping homeless people. Growing up, I was raised by a single mom and we definitely lived at the poverty level. My mom was going to college and it was hard.