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My name is Anthony Allen. I found my way into Dubuque. I was actually in love. A young lady who was my fiance at the time decided to move to Dubuque to attend college so I applied to the same school, the University of Dubuque. I’m from the Chicago inner city. I’ve always equated Dubuque as small enough to be a suburb but confident enough to be a city.  I get the security part of wanting to live in a not-so-crowded environment, but I still get the confidence of a city. Not a big city, but a city.

I’m passionate about service, so I serve on a lot of boards in the Tri-State region.  My personal passion is to serve all people. I’m pro black, but that doesn’t mean I’m anti-anything. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-white. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-homosexuality. It’s my goal and my passion to make sure that young black males reach their potential and reach more than what people may claim them to be or categorize them to be.