For as long as anyone in our city can remember, people from Dubuque have referred to themselves as “Dubuquers.” The term is deeply embedded in our community and our language. From time to time, this word has been used to draw a line between insiders and outsiders.

To be a Dubuquer is a good thing. As our city changes and grows, it is time to expand our imagination of what it means to be a Dubuquer. Instead of using this word to draw a line between who’s in and who’s out, let’s expand the circle of who’s in and open our hearts to all who call Dubuque home.

Through simple, black-and-white portraits of our neighbors, our fellow Dubuquers from all different walks of life, ages, occupations, and backgrounds, and the words, “I’m a Dubuquer,” we’re hoping to invite conversation about our community, to broaden our collective understanding of who our neighbors are, and to grab hold of the fullness of what the word Dubuquer does and can mean for the whole community.

Campaign and Portraits by S.D. Giere and Rachel Dilling

Video created in partnership with S.D. Giere and communications staff at the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque.