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Hi, my name is Lindsay James. My husband started looking for jobs, and we started talking about where we wanted our kids to grow up and what kind of values we were looking for. When we were living on the east coast, people would always ask me, ‘are you from the midwest?’ And I finally asked people why they asked me that and they said, ‘well you are just so friendly!’ So I thought this was it, I’m going home to my people, I’m going to the Midwest. There was a job opening at the University of Dubuque. Dubuque had great schools, affordable cost of living, an incredible community, cared deeply about inclusivity and equity and were on the forefront of these really important national conversations. So we thought, this is it, this is where we want to grow roots.

I would describe myself as a natural redhead, so I have some energy and enthusiasm. I’m a passionate person who cares deeply about our kids and our schools and helping people thrive in our community. I’m an ordained Presbyterian pastor so i have some deep faith commitments.