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My name is Brad Cavanagh. I was born in Dubuque and I grew up here for most of my life. I moved away to go to college at the University of Iowa and then St. Louis for graduate school and stayed there for about 7 years with my wife. Our family drew us back to Dubuque in 2008 and we’ve been here ever since.

Something I appreciate about the Dubuque Community is the people. I teach at Loras, and a lot of the students we have from the Chicago Area are in shock the first week because everyone keeps saying hi to them and they can’t figure out why everyone’s saying hi to them. I think that this project is a great way to make people understand that we have to be in this together. We’re all going to live in this town and the people that come to live here do it because they see an opportunity here. They see an ability to start something over or have a chance at something that they didn’t have before. I think that speaks very highly of this town. I think it’s something that we all need to embrace.